For every brand, there’s a perfect influencer and we always know where to find them. Whether that means identifying influencers in niche segments or securing long-term ambassadors. We connect you with influencers who get people talking and looking at your brand in a different light. We develop innovative strategies that always have influencers at their core and their long-term potential.

We match your brand with an influencer who reflects your look, feel and core values. This ongoing relationship allows your brand message to be communicated and endorsed authentically through a series of organic brand activations. Influencers have amazing stories about their adventures on and offline. Influencer’s loyal fans look to them for trends and inspiration. With the right product placement, and the right Influencer,  you can properly showcase your product and how it is used.

Vloggers Management

Vloggers have a keen knowledge of what their audience wants and what they like to hear from them. Making them the perfect collaborators for co-designed and curated content is what we are specialized at IO.